Always wanted to own one of these nice houses in Los Santos. Now with this mod you can!

Outdated & Unsupported

We are sorry to inform you that this mod is outdated and unsupported. Meaning we won't help if you find a bug!



  1. Drag and drop all files into your scripts folder.


  1. Go to the Real Estate Office (See suitcase blip on the map).
  2. Purchase a property.
  3. Use the property as your new save location.


All keys can be changed!


Control key : Ctrl
Mod on/off key : Control + Numpad 0
Custom Savehouse key : Control + Numpad 1
Blips off key : Control + Numpad 7
Blips on key : Control + Numpad 9

GUI Menu Navigate up : Numpad 8
GUI Menu Navigate down : Numpad 2
GUI Menu Enter / Accept: Numpad 5

No Numpad Configuration To use our mod without numpad you need to make changes to the shGUI.lua file. To make it easy we have already done it for you. Download No Numpad Configuration

GUI Menu Navigate up : Arrow Up
GUI Menu Navigate down : Arrow Down
GUI Menu Enter / Accept: Enter


Mod on/off key : LT + RT + R3
Custom Savehouse key : RB + X
Blips off key : LT + RT + X
Blips on key : LT + RT + A
Navigate up : LT + RSUP
Navigate down : LT + RSDOWN
Enter / Accept: LT + A


Download The Savehouse Mod 0.8.8 [.LUA] from:

Team Core

Production Version

This is a production version be aware that this will probably contain bugs and should only be downloaded if you want to test out the new features! For normal gaming use please use the normal version above.

Team Core Production Version

Previous Versions

If you would like to use a older version of this mod then you can download these below.

The Savehouse Mod 0.8.7 [.LUA]

The Savehouse Mod 0.8.6 [.LUA]



  • Fixed bug while entering,buying,choosing,renting houses and hotels.
  • Four new interiors added (Movie Director's cabinet, High-End and Mid-End Apartments from GTA Online, 1 Custom interior).
  • Wardrobes added to all houses and hotel rooms.
  • A new hotel added (Yellow Jack Inn).
  • Mod can now work without Map Editor. All custom interiors will automatically get replaced with default ones if ME is not installed.
  • Mod is now compatible with Single Player Apartment (SPA) mod. If you have SPA installed, SPA will handle spawn on game start.
  • Save mechanics reworked for compatibility with SPA mod (now you can decide if you want to set this house as your spawn point or not).
  • Map blips for entrance, save spot and wardrobe added to interiors.
  • Hotel and rent prices re-evaluated.
  • All hotel and house interiors are re-assigned. Now all interiors are used.
  • GUI menu now auto-hides when walking away from savehouse front door, wardrobe or bed.
  • Health restores when saving game inside house.
  • Most interiors can now be used for custom savehouses.


  • Three new custom-created interiors added! Two are trailer interiors.
  • Tent interior changed to something more fitting.
  • Added option to create a save spot (a.k.a "bed") to custom savehouse menu. Use it to make any user-built house your home.
  • Spawning on game start now takes place inside a loading area. After loading the custom interiors you need to press E to spawn inside your house, not at the doorstep as it used to be before. (this is done to prevent falling through textures, as for different people it takes different time for Map Editor to load)
  • Some house prices are tweaked.
  • One night stay option added to hotels.
  • Added check for active missions, so mod does not conflict with mission interior use.
  • Added explanation to house and interior locals, so you can edit them easier or add custom interiors.
  • Added controller controls to turn mod on/off. See controls page in wiki for details.
  • Fixed bug with time being reset to 12:00 on realtor office exit.
  • Fixed issue with random NPCs spawning in owned interiors (sometimes they still spawn however).


  • Save folder is now included in the download, so no need to edit mod file and create a new folder.
  • Added option to sell custom savehouse. Just go to the doorstep and follow menu instructions.
  • "Turn mod off" option is added. Press Ctrl+Num0 to switch On/Off. Keys are rebindable.
  • Only one realtor office is left, as others do not match with the office interior and sometimes are buggy.
  • Camera fade-out period on spawn lengthened to ensure full texture load. Fade-out duration can be changed in mod options.
  • Realtor camera turn angles tweaked, now camera is always (almost) centered on the right house.
  • Switch for controller added to mod options (enablecontroller).
  • Tweaked camera height and turn angle for interior view when choosing a house.
  • Changed top button label in hotel or apartment rent dialog to prevent misunderstanding.
  • Added update mechanics for local save files. After this and future updates, you will not have to delete them.
  • Added warning message for incomplete installation. If you see it, the mod can't access chosen directory.
  • Added "Control" button to prevent conflicts with other mods that use Num keys. Now you have to press Ctrl+Num1 etc (rebindable).
  • Fixed "Sell house" crash at realtor's office.
  • Fixed bug with weekday not changing when player stayed in hotel for a night.
  • Fixed issue with button selection staying below active buttons and thus invisible.
  • Fixed bug with custom savespot creation key press while driving. To create a custom savehouse now you need to be on foot!
  • Fixed bug with mouse movement switching between menu items.
  • Fixed on-screen text alignment. Now it is always centered.

0.0.1 - 0.8.5

  • Initial Script

Known Issues

  • Game crash on loading a new game. To fix, disable mod before loading and enable afterwards.
  • Mission blips disappear. To fix, disable mod blips, then enable after other blips appear.
  • Mod is not working properly when replacing character model with NPC model. Currently no fix for this.
  • Some objects from houses are missing (for example, Michael's bed). Happens because of MP interiors loading. No fix for this.
  • Also, due to wardrobes introduction in 0.8.8, new variable "did_frank_move" was added to mod options. Please change "= false" to "= true" if Franklin in your save file has already moved from his aunt's house to Vinewood Hills mansion.


Kopalov for Creating the Mod
HennySmafter for Creating the Mod
Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
crosire for ScriptHookV[.NET]
Guadmaz for NativeUI Library
Guadmaz for Map Editor
Szabo for Inspiration
Smokey for Inspiration
Shep761 for Inspiration
Sakis25 for Inspiration
faztsquirrel for Inspiration
haws1290 for Inspiration
Daxwolf for Inspiration
Hoopsur for Testing

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