Grand Theft Auto Mods by Team Core

This is our main platform where we update our information about our current mods, mods in production and mod ideas. So please refer to this website for instructions, gameplay usage and general know how of our mods. The only thing we update on external websites are the downloads itself!

We need your help to make bigger and even better mods!

We have great idea's for mods and some of these ideas are so enormous that we really need your help. You can help in all kinds of ways and we appreciate all the help we can get. Currently we are looking for amateurs or experienced people in the following fields.

C# Coding

It does not matter if you are experienced or just started. When you are enthusiastic and got a good set of work ethics then join the team!


Interior Design (MapBuilder)

Can you create interiors in GTA's already existing buildings? Do you know a little bit or a lot about Map Builder?


Mod Tester

Every mod needs to be tested before it gets released to the public. This is essential to keep delivering a good experience and you can help!


Animators & Graphic Artists

We are looking for animators and graphic artists to create cut scenes and artwork for our story mission based mods.


Voice Actors

A voice brings that much more realism to any mod or game. So if you got a good voice then please join our team so we can make our next mod even better.


Movie Editors

All our mods require movies not only for instructions & gameplay but also for a bit of showing off. Are you the person that can make those exiting vids?


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